This is what I did in my twenties

Hey, my name is Ryoko.

I was born in Tochogi, where is near the villa of Bill Gates in Karuizawa, and was raised in Hidaka area of HokkaidoHokkaido is the island north of Tokyo.

While I was in high school, I went to Tokyo about 15 times. Also I had opportunity to go to Australia and South Korea when I was third-year studentI didn’t study at all. My grades got worse in my classes, but met a lot of people via online in Tokyo. Then I experienced a lot of things, such as cuisine, clubbing, nightlife etc… 

After I graduated from high school, I lived with Chinese roommates in Yokohama because I wanted to share a room with foreign people. I worked in a convenience store and at a Pachinko parlor – it is like a casino.

At that time, my dream was to go abroad on a working holiday. 

My ideal destination was London. Why? 

Because I believed, at that time, that London was the central of the world. People might think NYC is this! But I believed London was genuine.

What made London attractive was that its job wages was higher than any other city in the world. I thought if I went there I could earn a lot of money while studying English. On top of that, London is a cosmopolitan city, and unlike NYC, its easy access to other countries is really convenient. For example if you live in London, you can easily go to many countries, including Russia and North Africa and Middle East. I love different cultures and languages so that was attractive.

I left Yokohama and moved to Shinjuku. I became a host, who served alcohol to lonely women. I worked about 7 months there. I wanted to quit my job at that time, 
but I couldn’t because the boss said I couldn’t leave. He scared me to death! 

But I bought flight ticket for Shanghai to push me forward, and I eventually quit the host club.

After that I was really fascinated with the Chinese worldI went there 4 times altogether in a year.

It was a totally new world. People’s appearances were similar, but it was a completely different culture. It was so wonderful, and it encourages me a lot.

Then I realize I have to study English because I guessed it would be difficult to get job in Japan even if I acquired only Chinese language skills. Also, in my mind, I would use English in the future. My first objective was to go to London, but I chose to go to Toronto, Canada instead because it’s nearby NYC, and I wanted to acquire American accent.

I stayed in Toronto for 2 months, studying English by myself.  I also traveled to NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

After my short vacation was finished, I decided to get permanent job in Tokyo. I tried many times. I changed jobs a lot.
Customer service
Data input

But I couldn’t stay at those jobs for a long time, because I was totally different from general Japanese people. Most who were around me wanted to work for a company forever, they just thought about domestic matters. I was usually thinking about international matters. I didn’t want to be like that, and I didn’t want to be affected by their mentality.

So, I entered a distance college and moved to Shanghai because my close friend was working there. I lived with him, but I couldn’t find better job there.

Almost all of the temporary agencies I went to would ask, “You haven’t graduated from college yet?” I was totally ignorant at that time.

My dream was to become a teacher of Japanese or English, so I moved to a town nearby Beijing and became a Japanese teacher. It was first time teaching. Two months later the Chinese principal fired me. I had to find another job, so I went to Korea with a little cash.

It was really dangerous situation. If I couldn’t find job in Korea, I would’ve had to go back to Japan and work uninteresting jobs because it is really difficult to become a Japanese teacher in Japan.

Fortunately, I could work at an academy as a Japanese teacher. However, the working time wasn’t enough. It was really difficult to live on so little money.
I feel this area is my country.

After 3 months, I moved again to Nanking, and I became a Japanese teacher there.I worked hard, but I left the school after 3 months. 

I thought that I needed to graduate from university to get diploma if I seriously wanted to be a Japanese teacher or work abroad in the future. Without having diploma, it could be difficult to work abroad.

So I moved back to Tokyo and attended a trade school free of charge for Korean language study preparation to enter college in South Korea. The reason why I wanted to go to South Korea to study was that the universities had reasonable tuition fees, and the environment for studying English was great.

I went to Korean language school for about 3 months, entered college in Korea.

After studying English for a year in college, I took time off to Tokyo to earn money for my tuition fee. I am wondering if I will continue my studies there.

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