"Are you introverted?" 内向的な人が活躍する時代


Have you ever heard of the term, “Introvert”?
These days, there are many books about “How to eliminate your shyness” "How to become more confident in public,” and these sorts of things. Let me share a story about what happened to me recently.


Every weekend, I attend Language Exchange. What is Language Exchange? This is an event where Korean people and foreign people talk with each other and offer language help at Talkholic cafe. 「トークホリック」


One Sunday, while at Language Exchange, I was a little bored. I started reading National Geographic Magazine despite of being at Language Exchange.
Suddenly, a guy sitting next to me said to me, “You are an introvert!” “I am not introverts,” I responded.
I didn’t keep up conversation because I wasn’t really interested in them at the time.


But, after I went home, I asked myself, “Am I really an introvert?” I wondered why I reacted so strongly.

Then I looked the word up on a website. According to that page, many people misinterpret the real meaning. It is often mistaken for “shyness.”
“Shy” means, a person who is nervous or embarrassed about meeting or speaking to other people.

So, what about introverts?
An introvert is a person who is more concerned with the inner world of their mind.
So they don’t like to talk about unnecessary things
Some survey shows that historically successful people tend to be introverted.
Usually, they need more time to think about a lot of things. So, a lot of researchers, writers, and musicians are introverts.

Nowadays, society demands extroverted people. A lot of books say that you should be more outgoing.
But in my opinion, there are various colors of personalities. I think that you are fine no matter what, whether you’re introverted or extroverted. So, I won’t react any more if someone says to me, “You are an introvert” It’s not a bad thing.


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