Why I need to study Arabic and Russian?

I started to blog in English too so some readers could read my posts. Also some Japanese readers wanted to read my blog in English.

5 years ago, I was not interested in Arabic at all. Believe it or not, most Japanese people are not interested in Middle East.

When I was living in Toronto, Canada. Many South Asian people, such as Indian, Pakistani, were living nearby my living place. To me, Middle Eastern were like them. I could not tell the difference.

Generally, Japanese are tend to respect European culture. This is well known, so you must have heard...

I have studied Chinese Mandarin and Korean, except for English. I used to work in China, so China is like my second home country to me as well as Korea.
Both China and Korea is the second home country to me. But, it might hard to say to Japanese people about this.

I tried to study Spanish, Indonesian, German and French. Among the languages mentioned, I only studied pronunciation with IPA because my interest was to remember the sounds in each language.

Except for Indonesian, the languages mentioned above are European languages. I have already learned English and I ashed myself that why should I learn more European language?

Arabic character is so mysterious and was new to me. I thought that if I could mater this language,  all the main languages other than Arabic would be mine. That means Arabic was the most difficult language in the world. Originally, in my plan, I was about to study Arabic when I reached the age of 35, but I moved the plan forward.

When I was 28 years old, I was working in Sony, as a translator. At that time, my work was boring, and at the same time, I wanted to start something new, which was the beginning of the Arabic study.

Then 1 years has passed since the beginning. I am still fascinated with the language. 

Sound and the letters.

As for Russia, I will write in this article soon.

I can hardly wait to update my YouTube video related to Arabic.
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