06/21 TOKYO→New York City

I think NYC is the best trip I've ever had. Also it was good opportunity to look back on myself in a different country. I wanted to look back on my past, so I set out for New York City.
I am now on the sky middle of the Canada. My seat on the plane was between two old people , left is old lady, right is old man.


I heard that the old lady going to meet her daughter, and the old man is heading to NYC to enjoy some amusement like an opera, musical, etc.

He said, he used to stay in Seattle a number of times since his son lives there.
Still, they are talking front of me, and very loud while I'm sitting there. That's why I left the seat and went to the lavatory. About 20 minutes, I was standing on back of the airplane.
I shook hands and say goodbye to them when we got down from an airplane.

My confidence changed into uneasiness the moment (instant) that I went off the airplane.
There are many tall people and sweet smellsManhattan's skyscrapers could be seen from the window at the airport. I have no idea how to get to the Manhattan from here.

Anyway, I wanted to phone share house's owner, but I didn't have any coins, so I wanted to exchange bills for coins. But even I didn't know how to do. Besides, it was very tough to carry my big suitcase. 

I arrived at 145th Street station. This area is upper area, above central park and nearby Harlem.(Harlem is 125th St.) There were many black people the moment I went out subway station. I felt scared at firstAnd the share house's owner who is Japanese picked me up at front of the 145th Street station. He was born and brought up in Tomakomai, it is south of Sapporo. And Sapporo is capital of the Hokkaido. It is near by my hometown. (I felt a kinship with him.) 

There was the double bunk beds in his share house. I used the under bed, a Japanese girl used the above bed. Then I took the shower and went out to Times Square

I went to the observation deck of the Empire State Building though I've been waited for a hour. The charge was around $200. There were many tourist from many countries. 

Anyway, I was overwhelmed at the scenery. It was very different rather than some photos and magazines. And I've never expected to come here in my life. "I felt that I don't want to go downstairs when I got these night view and saw New York City from the observation deck." (This was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen)

Riverbank state park and took some pictures in the early moring before I came to graham. When I am on my way to Graham station on the subway, there were 40 percents White, 30 percents African Americans, 20 percents Hispanic, 10 percents Asian, as far as I could see. 

06/24 G** Parade
I don't know what time is it now because of the time difference. I am now staying at Brooklyn, and am going to stay here till go off to Toronto. By the way, I went to Manhattan across the williamsburg bridge yesterday in the morning it was like ghetto. I went to very deserted places at Williams burg, and I was very scared of them. NYC's skyscrapers was very amazing seen from the Williamsburg bridge. Weather here is fine, and people are jogging, very peaceful Sunday. Also I went to central park.

In the middle of the day, I went back to guesthouse to bring contact lenses since my both eyes were poor sight. The g** parade holds in Manhattan today.

On my way to Manhattan on the subway, a cute girl spoke to me something. I said, "Once more, please?" She explained again to me. Her name is Mary, she was with her sister whose name is Claire, and Robert is Mary's boyfriend.

They are on their way to g** parade, anyway, I asked them persistently about g** parade a lot. Then she said, follow me!! At that time, I was very happy. There were very various g**s, Black, Latin, White, Asian etc... A lot of New Yorker was attending into g** parade. Robert gave Mary and Clair, me ice cream.

After that, they said to me, "I will get back to our house." So I thought they want to leave  me. So I said, "Bye". Then she said, "No, no", as we were heading to subway. But they said again something. I guessed, they don't want to have something to do with me. But I can't understand English very well. 



However, this was my mistake. So they said, "You want to come to our house with us?" Then she said, I am gonna go to grocery store to buy cooking ingredient. Come with us if you want? I said at my broken English, "I wanna together."

I tried to buy some wine for them because they invited me. But Mary told me, "No, Robert is older than you, you are 20. He is 28. so he has to buy. So let's go out with me!" She was caring about me. They were very kind to me. Then we went back to subway near her house. 

Clare was from Indiana, she was  here for her vacation. As soon as we got in the subway, Mary spoke to an Asian guy. I thought he was Chinese American, but he was Japanese, but his English pronunciation was so good. Mary asked him, "Can you interpret it for us?" Mary just wants to know about my career, she said to him, "What is his job?" His name is Akira and who was from Hokkaido, Japan. His clothes style was B-BOY.

"It was generous of them to invite me to their house"

We arrived at Mary's house and Mary took us to courtyard. There were a lot of plant at courtyard. Mary taught  me some plants' name in English, she said this is grape, she taught me like this, as we walk around courtyard.


Claire also taught me English. Finally, Robert came back here. Robert brought salmon here and he have fried up them. It was delicious. Robert is tall and cool. This apartment has 3-floor and their room was 3-floor.

Neighbours and children came here too, and we had great time with alcohol and bonfire.
Akira said you are so lucky. Many Asian people here in NYC are ignored by white guys. Because New yorker is proud of themselves. I've been living here almost 3 years but such a meeting is very few thing. Mary and Claire from Indiana, and Robert from Connecticut. So they can accept foreigners.

We looked up Empire State Building from the roof. Including me there were 8 people. I surprised because it can be seen from such a far place. We danced with candle and music. Then we had talk around a bonfire on the garden. It was really great time.


Mary said, "Why don't you stay my house tonight?" But I paid my guesthouse's fee, also I didn't wanted to wear of their welcome. so I said "I would rather not." I am gratitude for them. When we were at g** parade, I wrote their name for them in Japanese. Fortunately, Japanese has 3 character Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji. I heard Brooklyn is dangerous at the night time. And I stopped by Akira's house. He told me his dream is to spread real Hip-hop to Japanese people. He brought me near guesthouse after we talked at his house with his cat.

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